Problem with drop down menu

Hello, i have problems with drop down menu. For some reason i get one empty list on hovered menu for what ever reason.

Here’s JSfiddle link:

The issue seems to be that you are including the list inside the <a> tag.

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Hello @Bego96!

It seems like a HTML semantics issue.

On your outter unordered list (ul) you have, Home, Works and About.
I suppose you are using an anchor element (a) in each one of them because you will want to redirect the user to a page in the future.

However, in Works you are only closing the anchor (a) tag after your inner unordered list (ul).
Therefore, it is probably misinterpreting your inner anchors (a) - Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Ilustrator, Adobe XD, HTML and CSS.


What you can do here is just close the anchor (a) tag right after Works.
Like this:


Hope it helps!

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Oh yeah my bad, my blind ass didnt see a typo xd thanks!