Problem with exercise: Use Multiple Conditional (Ternary) Operators

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function checkSign(num) {
  return (num>0)? "Positive": (num<0) ? "Negative" :(num==0) ? "zero";


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Looks like there is a couple things going. In the ternary the last thing (“zero”) doesn’t need the (num==0) ? stuff because its basically the “else” portion of the statement. Also pos/neg shouldn’t be capitalized. A working snippet looks like:

return (num>0) ? "positive" : (num<0) ? "negative" : "zero";

Hope that helps!


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Thank you.


A couple things:

  • Capitalization matters. Your returned strings must match those expected by the tests.
  • Your last ternary ((num==0) ? "zero") has a syntax error. It is missing the second half.

Ah tanks a lot! it worked! The last else portion of the statement doesn’t need a condition…I thought that by stating the condition it would be more clear, but apparently the syntax is not good the way I did it. Therefore I have to deduct that the last statement is always an “else” statement in the ternary test.

But I wonder: is a 4th, 5h (or even more) stacked conditional test possible?

Sometimes there are more than 2 “else if” and always an “else” condition on top of that.


Sure. It’s possible. Please don’t do it though. Ternaries don’t make your code functionally better - they should just be used when they make your code easier to read. That’s not very often, and certainly not the case when you are replacing a sequence of nested statement.