Problem With Image File Path

Why the third path is not working? Is there any way to use this image without changing the HTML file and image location?

Hi, this is because you are attempting to use an absolute file path while html will try to interpret this as a relative path as always. In your example, let’s say you have your project stored in D:\project\imgDisplay, then locally me.jpg refers to D:\project\imgDisplay\me.jpg. And D:\Image\laksham.jpg refers to D:\project\imgDisplay\D:\Imge\laksham.jpg which is nonsense.

The relative file path is very useful, it means when you host the project, the me.jpg will be at https://localhost/imgDisplay/me.jpg and the src property will still have a valid value. In the case of absolute path this is not possible.

But if you have to use an absolute file path, use file:/// in front so html knows this is an absolute file path, e.g. file:///D:\Image\laksham.jpg. And this will not load when the webpage is hosted.

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