Problem with jQuery CDN

Hi. I’ve been trying to get just the right CDN used by freeCodeCamp for jQuery. I added this $("#button1").addClass("animated bounce"); but isn’t going. I’m sure it’s the CDN problem 'cause this $("#button").css("color", "red") is working. Please I need the one freeCodeCamp uses. Thanks very much in advance.
Here’s the link to the pen

Please :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: I really need the answer to this question to go on. FreeCodeCamp should have informed us of the CDN they’re using. Please, any help would be dearly appreciated. Thanks.
Here is the link once again

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Hey @koladeafolabi. Sorry for not replying. I would have been happy to help but I don’t know jQuery yet! Try posting this question to freeCodeCamp’s Support subforum if you think this is a fault from their side.

Thanks for understanding.

the animations are from an other library, not just jQuery, I don’t remember which one and I wouldn’t know where to check now

that library has animations for classes like animated bounce and others

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Is it animate.css? I have heard of a library like that using which you can create animations.

it can be, yes :thinking:
the name matches at least, it could be worth a try

I also went there but it doesn’t use the direct classes freecodecamp uses

I think this is the library:

this is the page of one of the challenges on github, in the table there is a comumn required, and you could use exactly that link

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to use this library you need to add it as a link in the pen settings in the CSS part, here:

in the JavaScript part you can also add all the *.js files you are inporting

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Thanks very much but what about the files
for JS

if you want to also add the links through the settings, go to JS section in the settings, you can add the JavaScript links there, you can also use the search bar there and it will suggest the links to you

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Thank you dearly :kissing_heart: :kissing_heart: :kissing_heart: :kissing_heart: :kissing_heart: :kissing_heart:

you will want to look at the console in CodePen, you have syntax issues that needs to be resolved