Problem with Largest palindrome product

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Hello there. Recently I’ve wrote code for palindrome product and function largestPalindromeProduct(3) returns wrong value in your compiler.However,in other compilers it returns right value (906609). My code is below. Can anyone say what is the problem?
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function reverseString(str)
    return str.split("").reverse().join("");
function getMaxOfArray(numArray) {
  return Math.max.apply(null, numArray);
function largestPalindromeProduct(n) {
let k=Math.pow(10,n);
let mult=1;
let numberString="";
let reversedString="";
let arrayOfNums=[];
let max=0;
for(let i=k/10;i<k;i++)
    for(let j=k/10;j<k;j++)
return Math.max(...arrayOfNums);

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Okey,thx.Will try to rewrite my code.