Problem With my Portfolio on Mobile devices [SOLVED]

Hi. I’m working on my portfolio project. I decided not to use any bootstrap so I can better learn CSS. There are going to be a lot of things not done the best way in my code, but this is all for learning right now.

My problem. The main navigation buttons on the right work fine on a large screen device, but when I load my pen on my iphone, the id navigation no longer works.

The other problem. The fixed header doesn’t stay fixed on my mobile device like it does on large screen. Thank you!

See my codepen below:

UPDATE**[SOLVED] I learned that you can run a pen in debug mode which removes all codepen influence. That fixed the problem. Things are working as they should in debug mode.

You can use this link to check how responsive your website is:

I did the same thing for my 2nd attempt in my portfolio. I def. learned a lot, especially about the usage of flex-box and media queries.

Happy coding!

That’s awesome! I decided to do my development in brackets and responsiv also works with the live preview directly in brackets. Thanks a lot for the link!