Problem with personal portfolio

When viewed in full page there is large gap between my welcome section and my project section. This is my project.
Thanks for the help

Using F12 on desktop opens the developer-tools and allows you to inspect items.
You gave the welcome section a height of 100vh (viewport-height) so ofcourse there is a huge gap - the section is as heigh as whatever screen you are using.

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When i decrease the vh to close the gap it causes the project to fail the user story 8: welcome section must be equal to height of viewport.

I think to pass the test you may need to use 100vh like you did.

It does cause a gap in the page for some reason. I can’t get into inspector tools on my laptop to sniff out exactly why.

However you can overcome it with a negative top margin.
add margin-top: -20% to your .welcome-section css section with a height: 100vh as you originally had.

See if this helps.

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Then it must be 100vh - period.
If you don’t like the gap, then that means you need to think about what else you can put there. An image of yourself, a better design for the welcome-message that utilizes the space… You know, design something nice to look at.

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Ok, I will try that, thank you for your help. Thank you also @Jagaya

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