Problem with Selenium

Hello, im a student and im trying to learn python - selenium.

Im trying to build the same like in this video

Timestamp for my Problem : 2:23:27

the problem is… i cant find / connect the classes/ids to my script. changed some code i guess.

Im trying to grab some data from the site with

def report_results(self):
        hotel_boxes = self.find_element(By.ID,
        return hotel_boxes

The problem is, i cant grab the data cause its numeric-alphabetic. my script doesnt accept that. And cant even read the Data in it. I tried anything with the developer tool on chrome, but there is not data in this table. but there SHOULD be data (hotels)

In the video its ID"hotellist_inner" and CLASS"sr_Property_Block"

Im trying since 7 hours to fix this problem, but i cant :frowning:

  File "c:\Users\basti\Abschluss\", line 17, in <module>
AttributeError: 'Booking' object has no attribute 'report_results'

The answer should be “25”

Would be great if someone knows how to fix it :frowning:



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