Problem with the last challenge of web development

the thing is this, i tried to add more content to the last challenge, and when i start the second section(the one where i have to place my project) i found that the second section place over the first one.
like you can se in this codepen
i tried everything, but i don’t find and solution

I would like to be of help, but i really don’t know what problem you are facing.

You have many tests that are not passed yet.

Maybe you could be more precise.
If you click on the red-test button you’ll see the tests that are not passed.

The problem was that I tried to add more sections to the porfolio, so when I put the 100vh in the class=“welcome-class” and then I add the “projects” section the h2 with the title “these are some of my works” show up in the middle of the welcome section.
I solved just commenting the 100vh in the welcome section and adding more top in the same section