Problem with twitch tv app

Hey guys ^^ a link to my twitch tv app. I have made an array with variable name arr. It is declared at the top. I use getJSON method to pass display names of all the user inside the variable arr. I am unable to display the names stored in arr outside getJSON method and I am unable to identify the problem
Please help me.

$.getJSON() is an asynchronous operation - meaning, your app will continue executing code below this function before the callback is triggered. Solution: continue the rest of your app from the getJSON callback.

function updateView(data) {
  // app continues from this point 

$.getJSON(url, function(data) {
  // consider calling another function passing in data
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Thank you for your help. Following your advice, I made this function

  // app continues from this point 
    var j=user.length;
    if (arr.length===j){
} ```
and it worked.
My knowledge on JSON and Ajax is weak. Can you please advice me on where can I learn more about these topics?

I learned through trial and error, through the fire and flames. I spent a lot of time reading documentation, blog posts, stack overflow answers, and FCC chat. So, unfortunately I don’t have a single resource that can easily explain how to use front-end APIs and how to troubleshoot common problems (usually CORS). But, I can give you a few links that have helped me.

  • jQuery $.ajax() - learn this one, seriously
  • jQuery $.getJSON() - this is a short-hand, convenience method for $.ajax() and uses some sane defaults - but you may not always want or need these defaults
// $.getJSON() under the hood
  dataType: "json",
  url: url,
  data: data,
  success: success
  • JSONP, no link - just Google and practice. The gist is you can append to the query parameters &callback=? to ask the server for a jsonp response. If this is the only query parameter, it looks like this: ?callback=?. JSONP makes front-end API requests much easier to handle, because many API servers don’t send an Access Control Allow Origin header.

  • if your web app is using https, then so should all of your other links to external resources

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thanks a lot, really appreciate your help! :slight_smile: