Problems installing PopSQL on Linux based on Mike's tutorial on freecodecamp

Hello, the other day I was following MIke’s tutorial on MySQL for beginners tutorial on freecodecamp’s youtube channel. He was using PopSQL as the SQL editor for his tutorial. So, following the video Itried installing PopSQL on my Linux machine. I went to PopSQL’s I couldn’t find any download option on the PopSQL homepage for Linux. So, I tried googling and someone in a forum mentioned that you have to go on the Arch User Repositoryand there is a .deb file on the sources tab. Well, I downloaded that, but when I try to sign in with my gmail through the PopSQL application to get started it shows me an error. The error says that that I have to update my browser although the error comes within the PopSQL’s inbuilt app browser. POsting the same on the website’s forum as well.

Are you using Arch Linux? The Arch User Repository (AUR) is only for the Arch Linux distro.

NO, I am on LInux Mint which is debian based but as you can see on this link there is a .deb file AUR (en) - popsql

It is flagged as an out of date package on the AUR and there are comments indicating that this package is broken, so this approach really won’t work for you.

HI, so is there any other alternative to get the PopSQL working on my LInux MInt? or is there any other user friendly SQL editor just like POP. I have tried my luck with DBeaver but it seems complicated to set up.

You could try installing directly from whatever is on

As far as alternatives, Googling ‘Ubuntu mysql’ and trying those packages will probably be the easiest way to install and try packages. Mint is essentially just a reskinned Ubuntu, and it uses the same package manager.

the funny thing is that there is no download option available while I open the PopSQL’s website from Mint. I tried this on other browsers too, Also I have mysql server installed on my laptop, i did this through ’ sudo apt install mysql-server ’

Yeah, it looked like the download option was buried somewhere in the website, possibly behind a sign-up for a free plan.

THanks Jeremy just found out the download option, there is an appimage file I just found. Thanks for helping.

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Jeremy sorry to bother again, I downloaded the .Appimage file and got the PopSQL running but when I try to SIgn in with Google. It just gives me the same old incompatible browser error
Please have a look at the screenshot