Problems transferring code from fCC phone app to fCC site

Hello, am having trouble figuring out how to transfer my code from the freeCodeCamp android app to the browser on my pc.
The app is not working properly with the project am doing and I have written quiet a bit of code. Restarting all over is a pain.
Please help

you need to press the save buttion

Is ther a way I can find it on the app?

i don’t have the app you would probably have to copy and pace the code in a email and send it to your self then open it on the pc and pace it there

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You can copy your code from the app and open the project from a browser on your phone.
And paste your code and click Save your Code button.

Then open it again from your pc and it should be there i guess.

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Thanks, it worked. The confusion was that fCC’s code editor does give an option of pasting when you right click unless you just use the shortcut for pasting(cltr+v).

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Thanks this method also worked out great.