Problems with creat-react-app build stage

I successfully built my pomodoro app with create-react-app. It compiles just fine on the development server and goes through with the build stage but won’t load in the browser, giving these errors in the console:
Loading failed for the <script> with source “file:///ozmos/pomodoro/static/js/1.abe4bbaf.chunk.js”
Loading failed for the <script> with source “file:///ozmos/pomodoro/static/js/main.833eaf84.chunk.js”

I have moment js as a dependency. Could this be affecting the build?? This is really frustrating as I have no idea what is causing the problem.

source code:

"homepage": ""

console log

The project was built assuming it is hosted at /ozmos/pomodoro/.
You can control this with the homepage field in your package.json.

If you remove the home page line in package.json you can run

yarn global add serve
serve -s build

Thanks for the hint. I changed the homepage to

and it works just fine now.