Problems with Escaping Literal Quotes in Strings

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Question about : Escaping literal quotes in Strings
Dear all,
Good afternoons,
Could someone please explain me the usage of the backslashes
and where can i put the backslash and the quotes in the statement for the assignment of
the variables?.

This is the exercise i am trying to solve but sadly i had no good luck .

Thank you so much in advance !!!


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We need to assign to the myStr variable a string that contains such " characters. Inside of a string we need to write them with backlslash, so: \". If we write them without backslash, javaScript language is thinking not about this " character, that is necessary to output, but about the end of a string, because our string in this challenge we should write inside of double qoutes. var someSimilarStr ="Required for a challenge string \"with quotes\" and \"other qoutes\" here".

Thank you so much Ptrvenckus, would it be right this statement :

I will appreciate so much your advises,

Kind regards,


You need to check unnecessary empty spaces

Thank you i will check it

Am facing the same challenge please help how should I space that it will be the right way

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