Product landing navbar/logo positioning problem

Would anyone kindly be able to explain why I can’t get my nav bar and logo to function properly. I’ve been fiddiling with it for a few hours and all I want is my logo to be on the left fixed IN the navbar with the links on the right. For some reason even though I’m floating the image id to the left it stay fixed on the right. And now my nav bar isn’t covering the top of the page???

You need to add the top and left property with a value of 0 to your navbar.

Instead of using float, why not use flexbox and that will easily solve all the problems. Inside your ul use the li with the anchor tag surround it. Also do the same thing to the img. Then add a display, flex to the ul. With that you can use a margin-left: auto to kind of float the img.

Like @samolex said use flex box. It’s an easy way to position the navbar. I would also add margin: 0px; and padding:0px; to you *{}.

That will get rid of the gap around the navbar.

BTW you have an extra </div> in your nav section.

Here’s what flex box will do and it’s simple

Thank you guys. That fixed it!