Product Landing Page, ADVICE will be very much appreciated!

Greetings, everybody…
I would like to receive your comments and critiques, please feel free to criticize my work, i do really appreciate your feedback, and thank you for your time <3.



Hey @bedward!

I ran your code through the html and css analyzer and there are a few errors that need your attention.

But more importantly, your landing page looks really similar to the FCC sample page. I know that a lot of people choose to make their projects really close to the sample but in my opinion you don’t learn as much as you would by creating an original design.

I know it is challenging to come up with your own style if you are not a designer. I personally would not consider myself a designer either but I do work hard to come up with my own designs and then figure out how to put those ideas into code. You will learn so much more by doing that then copying FCC samples.

Hope that helps!

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Thanks for the advice, very appreciated!

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