Product Landing Page (Advise)

Hi everyone, so this is my Product Landing Page project it’s not finished…I’m having trouble with the nav-bar to link to the sections of the page and also I have problems doing the @media query style…so if any of you have any advise I will really appreciate it… also any feedback you may have on the page.
Here’s the link:

Hey, good job. The page is coming along nicely. I’m not an expert so I’m not sure if my suggestions are best practices but if you add margin: auto to your html, body rule it will center your content.
more info here:

also changing the #nav-bar width from 86em to 100% will make the bar fit the entire page.

@shanerob1388 Great job of you project! The colors and images are great. I like your style. The layout needs some work, divs are not centered, menu items are not centered vertically, some images look stretched out. The responsiveness of the website severly crippled since there is no media query.

I suggest reading this documentation about media queries.

I usually build a page mobile first, which means that you shrink the browser to the smallest screen size out there (example 300px wide) as you design. Then add media queries as you expand the width of the browser. You only need media queries where your website breaks. There are no set break points because every website you create will be different. Some cleverly designed websites may not need media queries at all.

Keep up the good work.