Product Landing Page - Beatty's Bikes

Hi Campers,

Finally finished my product landing page on Beatty’s Bikes - my alter ego webpage, where I actually have enough money to buy my dream bike.

I had a bit of trouble using pictures as a background, but have managed to get them to scale along with the screen size. It is responsive, but my build cards are still suffering with long horizontal + short vertical layouts; any helpers or hints most welcome.

Do let us know what you think; feedback is really appreciated.


I noticed that the video is getting covered by the cards in some views. The link to the google fonts should be inside the head section.

If you want to insert stuff in the head section in codepen you can click on the settings icon on the html section and look for the section that says “stuff to go in head section.”

Sorry can’t help you much further. I like the cover picture.

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Hi Ozmos,

Thanks for the tips. Appreciate it.