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I am in the Build a Product Landing Page project. I am failing without knowing why the point: Your #video should have an src attribute.

<iframe id="video" src=""></iframe>       

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Hello, we need to see your code in order to help you.

I put it. Can you see it?

yes. Obviously there is src attribute

So we need more code, because the issue may be in other parts of your code

Or there is a possibility that tests failing because of some kind of browser issue. So you can try to run it in different browser.

here we can use two tags according to our preference 1)iframe which you have used and you can also try 2) video tag for using video tag <video id="video"><source src="" alt="" ></video> give this code a try .

Problem Solved. My last code was good, the problem is I was having: <video id="video"> which interfered with the rest of the code. Thanks

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