Product Landing Page - CeramicPro

I’ve finished my product landing page, or I’m just sick of looking at it. Please let me know what you think and any improvements I could make. Thanks!

This is my personal opinion, but a product landing page for a product made to put on cars should show a car sooner. I do not see a car image until I have scrolled more than 50% down the page.

Also, when you click on the nav links, each section’s h1 element should be visible, but they end up behind the nav bar. Think how you could use some top padding to prevent that from happening.

Lastly, you have a top section with black background then a tiny white section with a video and then the Benefits section with black background. It probably would look better to either move the video into the main top section or make the video section have more top and bottom padding to clearly designate it is another section, but I think it should not be orphaned the way it currently is.

Thank you Randell I’ll work on these points.