Product landing page - Cyberdyne Systems

Since the new Terminator movie will soon be released, I created a fictional page for Cyberdyne Systems:

I would appreciate some feedback regarding the project please. I could not find a way to perfectly center the About Us text, meaning that both the right and left form a perfect square, if that makes sense.


There are some things you may want to visit on that page but before then let me say: “you did a great job!!”
The header section has some flaws you may want to correct:

  1. The navigation link seems unprofessional to me. You might need to remove the underlined anchor text from your page.
  2. The logo overlap some of text content.
  3. Some of the text overflow its boundary on the first table.
  4. You may want to apply some CSS to your submit button because it seems static.

If that looks on a big screen you may add some media query.

Good luck to you