Product Landing Page Failing

Tell us what’s happening:
In codepen my code has passed all tests; however, inside of freecodecamp I have 3 failed features:
Your #nav-bar should always be at the top of the viewport.

Your Product Landing Page should use at least one media query.

Your Product Landing Page should use CSS Flexbox at least once.

I’ve exceeded the number of links allowed for a new user; therefore, my code was rejected from this post. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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Can you share your code please?

When I attempt to do so, I’m met with a “sorry” prompt stating I can’t post more than 2 links. I don’t know what that is referring to.

I have same problem too with Personal Portfolio project. Field for CSS on FCC doesn`t working ( :sob:

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Hope yours gets figured out.

Hi @MM6th and @kliastro !

Welcome to the forum!

Did you both add link your css file to the html document?

 <link rel="stylesheet" href="styles.css">

Hi. Thanks for having me. No, but I just implemented it, and now everything is fine. Thank you!

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Yes, already read.
Thank you for your promptness.
I got used to CodePen, so I got confused. :grinning: