Product Landing Page - Feedback is welcome

Hey, I just finished my product landing page and would love to get some feedback:

Thanks in advance!



Awesome :smiley: ! Keep on going.

I would make the sub button smaller thought!

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Thank you!

I played with the subscribe button a lot. I’ll keep trying things out and make it a bit smaller :slight_smile:

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Hello, Maria!
I really like the design and minimalism of your page.

For the elements to which you use the pseudo-element
: hover, you can add a transition feature to make the transition smoother.

Also, in my opinion, the text should be removed from the header, leaving only the title. And the text is placed to the right or left of the video.

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Very nice work!

Your color and font selection give me a relaxing, inviting impression of the page. The colored hovers on the nav links nicely reinforce how the page is organized.

I like the graphic of the box. I wonder why it gets larger when I hover over it?

When I view this in a smaller window, I notice that the video does not resize, leading to some awkward side-scrolling and off-centered formatting. This happens for me in Google Chrome.

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Very nice
Clean layout, I really like the look of the design.
The only bug I see is that the video does not respond to changes in screen resolution.
This video covers one approach

Happy coding!


I agree with everyone else. The video isn’t responsive and I also noticed scrolling all the way down that the text area and button get chopped off too :slightly_frowning_face: The text area says “Enter your email to sub” and the button below that says “Subscrib”
I personally also would like to see the nav buttons at the top to be spaced out more when in a smaller screen. They start to merge slighty into one another, so its not as legible. But I like that when I hover over each of them, they light up a different color. Helps to know which one I’m focusing on.

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Thank you to everyone who pointed out the problem with the video!

It should be fixed now :slight_smile:

Thank you! I changed the media query so the navbar will change a bit sooner and they don’t get so close.

Thank you!

The box gets a bit bigger because I wanted it to make the page a bit more dynamic and I like to hide little things like that. The icon in the subscription part also has a small transformation when you hover over it.