Product Landing Page feedback + issue

Hello guys, I am currently learning but I would love to get any feedback for my landing page.

I am facing this problem and I hope someone can clarify why:

“When I click a .nav-link button in the nav element, I am taken to the corresponding section of the landing page.’”

Here is the link for my landing page:

Hi @o0ops !

It is always best to read the full error message.
They will give you the answer on how to solve the problem.

It says that the class of nav-link needs to be applied to an element with a href.

List items don’t have hrefs :grinning:

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I like the design for your page but you do have some issues with responsiveness.

When you start to resize the browser to 1040px you get stuff like this

On mobile devices there are more issues with responsiveness.

Your content needs to look good on all devices.

Hope that helps!

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Thank you.
I did not realised that, I will add more media queries.