Product Landing-Page - Get your spot on a tour for Middle-earth, by The Travelling Pony ;)

Hi freecodecampers!

I have finished my Landing Page project and I would love to hear some feedback.
This is the live project: Product Landing Page

And here is the codepen (all tests passed): Warning: I couldn’t find a way to embed the font I’m using (hence the live project on GitHub), because that font can’t be served online.


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I love the visual layout of the site. I think the images and font you used, complement each other.

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i agree with @muubaraq, the font and images complement each other quite nicely. i really like the “customer reviews” at the bottom. the website is very eye-catching. nice work : )


Thank you all for your kind comments! I’m a LOTR fan, so this project was very fun for me.

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I love it. I love the idea and I love the LOTR fonts and it just looks really good. I want to go!

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Amazing work! Such a fun website :+1:t4:

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