Product Landing Page - Guitar shop

How can I make the divs that indicate the prices follow the other parts of the website always in the center?
At a certain point, my prices just go all the way to the left, while my form does exactly what I want.

Bonus: I actually couldn’t work on a responsive header, so I just made it disappear. Is it a good idea to hide it? Any ideas how to make it responsive too?

Thank you!

In your #prices if you get rid of flex-flow: column-wrap, it will resolve your problem.

It depends but most of cases it’s better to have a hamburger menu where you can toggle on and off to slide down your menu.

But now my prices are not aligned vertically, so it’s not really what I wanted. It should still remain as a column, but placed in the middle, not on the left.

I see.

You need to give #prices

align-items: center

then remove widths from #prices.

Because it has set widths, your boxes go out of view if you don’t.

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