Product landing page header issue

I m not able to make the navigation links(features, how it works,pricing) in the navbar sit to right of the navbar. I want to do this using grid. Any suggestions?
Update1: I m doing this project using flexbox as of now, also I managed to make the elements sit to the extreme left. One thing I’m not able to do is shrink space between navlinks responsively…like the actual FCC product landing page project.
Here is the link to codepen:

Is this one of the certification projects?

Can you post your current progress, code inside ``` backticks or better even a CodePen so we can help see whats going on?

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Yes, the product landing page project.
For reference the Original trombones logo is on the left while “features, how it works, pricing” are all on right side of the navigation bar.
I m stuck there in the beginning, I was only able to place the logo, that’s it. But not able to shift nav links to the right.

please post your code or better a link to your project if you are working on codepen or or similar

it is impossible to help you without seeing it

I am also moving your thread to #curriculum-help:certification-projects, don’t use #general if there is an other appropriate subforum you can use


Here is the link to the pen

Thank u for suggestion regarding #general thing…Actually i m new to this fcc…didn’t know how to use it.
Thank u