Product Landing Page Help - I'm Confused :-/


Here is the link to my product landing page project If you could answer any of the following questions, I would appreciate it:

  1. How come when I scroll, there is a small gap on top of my navbar? It is in a fixed position.

  2. Why can’t I complete user story #12? I have used the mock URL provided.

  3. How can I center the text within the #bb, #cornet, and #flugelhorn boxes? (I have tried justify-content, justify-items, and align-items, no luck.)


The body element has a slight margin by default, which is shifting the position of your header. Try changing the margin value on the body element.

Your email form is missing a name attribute.

Try using the text-align property. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you! All of these tips you gave me worked. :smiley:

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