Product landing page issues help

hello i m begining the landing page . im still making the navigation bar . i have two problems i wish i get the explanations why it wouldnt work
okay first i triied to change the backround color of the box that contain the pricing and features . i don t know maybe there something about child elements .
also when i add position :fixed; to #header so it get fixed when scrolling down
look how it changes .

any advices that will help me to manage easier these things later thnx

Hi @khalil2210,

There is a typo in your background-color property. Check the spelling and it will change the color.

In the #header, you should be using flex instead of the grid along with justify-content, align-items, and width. Now set your position attribute to be fixed.

Try using flex as an alternative to the grid. It makes your styling much easier.

I hope this helps.

All the best :+1:

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