Product Landing Page, it doesn't work the action in <form>

I don’t understand why my code is not satisfying the item 12:


here is the part of the code that does that:



thanks for the help…

Do not add action to submit button. Remove it from there and try again.

the problem continues :

please provide the link to your project, or it is pretty difficult to try to help

Link to my project:

Read the error fully. You are missing a neededattribute on one of the form elements.

i’m reading this:

The #email input should have a name attribute : expected false to equal true

i put a name atribute to everything in and it doesn’t work

It doesn’t seem to have a name attribute

what about now ?

< input id=“email” name=“submit” placeholder=“Subscribe here with your e-mail” type=“email” required />

is correct in that way ? because the error continues

In your pen the email input element still doesn’t have a name attribute, have you saved it?

i’m sorry but i don’t get his:

In your pen the email input element still doesn’t have a name attribute

i put name in every element inside form, so i don’t understand what is everyone telling me

remove name attribute from form
change input name for email from submit to email

<form ... name="submit"  (remove name attribute)......>
          <input id="email" name="submit"  (replace submit with email)....../>
          <input type="submit" name="submit" id="submit">

should make it work

It worked, what did i don’t understand ?