Product Landing Page project :)

Hello everyone. Here is my third responsive web design project Product Landing Page, this time i went a little deeper into rabbit hole. Any feedback is appreciated. Have a nice day.

This looks and feels super nice. I’m a huge fan of the color scheme and the cards on the bottom!
I feel like the icons in the navbar are hard for me to discern what they actually are. Maybe include labels for them to let people know what they do?

Also, I’m using Firefox but when I shrink the screen, click the hamburger icon, close the icon, and expand the page again, I lose the links in the nav all-together. It’s like they’re pushing off to the right side. Not sure if it’s something for just me though.

Again, awesome work @Fizrook

Yes, i also have that issue with nav links. I’m pretty sure it’s the Js script that causing the problem, which i dont have understanding of :smile: I forked someone’s project from codepen, wanted to add some extra functionality for navigation bar.

Thank you for kind words and pointing out some of the mistakes, i’ll try to deal with them.