Product Landing Page - styling a navbar in flexbox

For a reason I can’t divine nothing I try applies any styling to my navbar. I’ve tried targeting the element in different ways (element, class and id), targeting a different part (say li instead of ul ) and nothing I do makes it so much as budge. I’m flabbergasted. The previous project was half about the navbar too, and for the life of me I can’t figure out what’s different. Here is a link to the repo that contains my current draft, in the Product Landing Page folder.

Currently I’m trying to use flexbox to lay out the nav as a row instead of a column. I’m going to feel ridiculous when I see the issue. You can find the relevant code near the bottom of the css

If I have understood you well, you would like to get something like this:

On the right side of the screenshot, you have the changes that are applied to your css file. You can modify them as you wish until you are content with a look of your page.

Yep, that’s looking right. Will update when I have time to go through it and make the changes. What was I missing/getting wrong, out of curiosity?

As far as I can tell, the issue I was having was setting the navbar to display: flex while it’s parent was not. Feel free to correct me if that isn’t what you did.

I got it solved and moving on with the project though, decided to move the nab out of the header entirely, though I could have made it work. It was more a readability/aesthetic choice.

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