Product Landing Page submission issues

Hi, I’m working on the Product Landing Page project right now and am almost done with it; however, I’m still having some issues with two points, both of which are related to the email form and submission button. The Pen is at: (Yes, I’m aware it still looks like ass—I’ll fix the styling later.) Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

@sethstephanz, not sure if you know this or not. When the tests fail you see the red button telling you (in this case) Tests 14/16. If you click on that button it will tell you which test failed and why that test is failing giving you a hint as to what it’s looking for.

So while you have this…
<button id="submit"></button>
it’s looking for something like this…
<input class="button" type="submit" id="submit" value="">

The next error is telling you that you also need a name field, not just an email field.


Thanks for the help. I wanted a button that said “Submit” and an email field that had "" as a placeholder, so I changed the value asset within your answer to “Submit.”

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Good catch @sethstephanz…I fat-fingered that. It should have been placeholder and not value but you got the gist. Good job!

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Yeah, no big deal. It was pretty close, but there was just some weird small thing that W3 and Mozilla weren’t helping me with. Thanks again. It passed all the tests but still looks pretty bad—I just need more practice with flexbox at this point.

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The styling part will come with time. Moving on to the next project will give you additional practice and challenge you in another way. Good luck. Have fun with it.

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