Product Landing Page - Welcome feedback -thanks in advanced

This is my CodePen link:

Welcome to all feedback. Thank a lot.

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Very nice. It has a clean design and is responsive . It appears the heading content is bleeding a little into the next section when in mobile view, but hardly noticable. Well done, keep up the good work.!

Few points here:

  • Colors are all over the place. Try sticking to complementing matching colors.
  • Sans fonts are more suitable for paragraphs, easier to read on a screen. Also try adjusting line-height for paragraph text to improve readability as well as font-size (at least a few points larger).
  • Submit button here looks broken for some reason in FF, looks fine in Chrome
  • I would add another break point to improve responsiveness. Now it starts to break on smaller screens, dosen’t look too good.

Nonetheless good work. Don’t stop! :metal:

Thanks ezfuse,

I have changed my layout of your some recommendation such as the background colour to match the theme, fonts, the text for submit button that show on Firefox, and the responsive layout particularly for mobile screen that show the texts properly. Thank you for your feedback that help my improvement in web development.