Product Landing Page - x scrollbar issue

Hi, can anyone help me to understand about the x-scrollbar that is always present? I mean, I could hidden it, but I want understand (and repair) the issue. I tried to check it using this way

and I understood that the problem could be either the #feature-cont or form. But exactly, there is something that I can’t find.

Here is my pen:


Could it be a codepen issue?

Did you try going into : chrome://flags/ (copy paste in your chrome browser when you open your page).

Then find overlay scroll bar option and see if you can change it.

It’s the first time i noticed it and i found this;

No, I mean, that there is for sure (ok, not at 100%) an element that is more than 100vw but I can’t find it and understand which it is exactly.
Sure that an option could be overflow-x: hidden, but the problem would be still there.

Ok I found it.

I was a problem in features__cont and form.

I set the width in vw values, and so, for example, the form was actually with the width of 100vw BUT at the end was more than it. But actually, I thought that with border-box option there was no more problems about this.

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