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I have completed my Product Landing Page. I’m not satisfied with the colors and design in general so please give me some feedback and tips. Thanks

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Amazing work with your project.

Few things that could be changed or improved upon :

  • You can use a different font on your page, sans-serif fonts will improve the aesthetics of the site.
  • Also, images cover a very large portion, some whitespace would be better imo.
  • You have done well on the responsive part as well, but your navbar covers almost 50% of the screen on smaller devices, try to reduce that so that more space is available for content.

It really looks good though, well done.

All the best for other projects. :+1:

Like the minimalist design. Like the idea too.

  • You can use a different color scheme if you like to, it will make it more attractive. Use to get a different type of color schemes.

  • Use to add fonts that look great. As you have used a default font.

My product website -
Happy coding.

Thanks for your feedback and help :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help…Your website looks awesome. Hope someday my pages will look as good as yours:)

why not?
Just practise and try to replicate different sites.