Productivity tool or Freecodecamp guide?

Hey everyone I made this CamperGuide yesterday but I think I finished all the bugs now…

Codepen Project: CamperGuide

check it out and bookmark it I hope it helps you all as much as it helps me. Im gonna keep it open and see how productive i get this week :smiley:

Also be sure to check these tips and tricks out

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Cool :slight_smile:

On mobile the button gets pushed off screen and becomes unclickable

Hey I saw this but an immediate solution didnt come to mind :smile:

I want to be able to share the “about tooltip” but also wanted the rest of the body to scroll.

The tooltip is in an absolute position. Maybe I should try to hide the tooltip like an off-canvas menu, therefore the whole guide moves?

What do you think @JacksonBates is there an easier way?

Also does codepen open up in debug mode, when on mobile?