Profile Lookup - "Akira", "address" should return "No such property" not working

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var contacts = [{
    "firstName": "Akira",
    "lastName": "Laine",
    "number": "0543236543",
    "likes": ["Pizza", "Coding", "Brownie Points"]
}, {
    "firstName": "Harry",
    "lastName": "Potter",
    "number": "0994372684",
    "likes": ["Hogwarts", "Magic", "Hagrid"]
}, {
    "firstName": "Sherlock",
    "lastName": "Holmes",
    "number": "0487345643",
    "likes": ["Intriguing Cases", "Violin"]
}, {
    "firstName": "Kristian",
    "lastName": "Vos",
    "number": "unknown",
    "likes": ["JavaScript", "Gaming", "Foxes"]

function lookUpProfile(name, prop) {
    // Only change code below this line

    for (var i = 0; i < contacts.length; i++) {
        if (name == contacts[i]["firstName"]) {
            if (contacts[i].hasOwnProperty(prop) == true)
                return contacts[i][prop];
                return "No Such Property";
    return "No such contact";;
    // Only change code above this line

// Change these values to test your function
lookUpProfile("Kristian", "lastName");

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I didn’t check your code, but you have a double semi-colon after ‘no such contact’ and capital letters in the response string where they shouldn’t be^^

hey your code is fine
change to return “No such property” with ‘s’ and ‘p’ as small letters instead of capital one.