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Hi!, I want to know how can I change my profile picture, because I try it, but doesn’t work and it can not be seen. Sorry about my english. :smiley:


Hello and welcome to the freeCodeCamp community,

If you visit your account settings, you can see the option to edit your profile picture. Clicking that will yield the option to upload a new avatar.

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Hi, I’m having a similar problem. And I cannot find any way to access an account settings page that looks anything like the picture you posted here. From my “home” page, I see this:

. I wanted to upload a picture, but all I could do was post a link to a picture I loaded to my web server. It appears correctly in Opera and Firefox, but shows up as a broken link in Edge and Chrome. Not sure what I’m missing. Thanks in advance for any advice.

that was for the forum avatar, which allows uploading pictures, where the fcc curriculum account allows only for a link

Yeah, I just figured that out LOL. But I still have the browser issue. Thank you.

Chromium based browsers, such as the later versions of Edge and Chrome, will upgrade an http request within a webpage to an https request if the webage uses SSL.

Because your website is serving over http, your image request is being upgraded to https. When the fetch request occurs to get the image, it is blocked by the security warning that pops up:

To resolve this, you could either enable SSL for your webpage, or use an image hosting service for this particular image.

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