Programming with Notepad on Windows


I’m new to CSS/HTML programming and I tried to run my code using windows notepad.
For some reason, GoogleChrome shows only my HTML content but doesn’t accept the changes that I do in the .css file. I also tried only changing the background color which didn’t work.
Any ideas about what am I doing wrong?
HTML code:

what’s the name and extension of the file you are showing?
where is the css file in respect to this one?
what’s inside the css file?

Hi, thanks for the quick reply.

  1. Name and extension: “test-stylesheet.css”
  2. Both of the files are in the same folder.
  3. in the CSS-file:
    background-color: black;

I actually had some more code inside but nothing worked, so I just wanted to try it with one selector. (didn´t work)

Hi, i changed the name of the file to style.css and it worked. thanks anyway.

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