Progress is stuck when submitting assignments

I am taking the Responsive Web Design course and currently going through Learning HTML by building a Cat Photo App. Everytime I finish the assignment and click on ‘Check Your Code’, the progress bar is stuck at 10%. I’ve tried doing this on previous completed assignments and the progress is stuck at 9% in some.

So far, I’ve tried incognito mode and removed extensions from my Chrome browser but nothing seems to be helping. Any suggestions guys?

Do you mean the box that says “Congratulations, your code passes. Submit your code to continue.” with a “Submit and go to next challenge” button?

If so, that percentage relates to how many challenges you have submitted. It isn’t how much of that challenge is done. (I’m not really sure how that would be measured in percentages.)

Can’t believe I couldn’t figure that out.

Thanks so much! I am good.

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