Progress not being saved


All my code for past courses are not being saved. Every time I complete a course and progress, the code doesn’t save.

Is there a way for my code to be saved to my account every time I complete a course?


Can you five an example of what you mean? fCC has a lot of courses.


I am working my way through the JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Certification course and none of my code are being saved once I progress.

What you just wrote is cleared from the browser cache, yes

Is there a way for the code to be saved so I can revisit at a later date?

You can save it somewhere on your computer.


Sorry, I think my query wasn’t clear.

I am trying to ask whether the code written can be saved on the FCC database, i.e. can my solution be saved on FCC and accessed later?

No. That much server space would be prohibitively expensive.


Okay thanks Jeremy!

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The 5 certification projects are stored though

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