Project 1 : tribute page ! suggestions

Project 1 : tribute page ! suggestions
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would like to hear your useful thoughts !

suggestions are recommended!

link :

Would love to hear your suggestion in my project!

Guyz please, help me to figure the responsiveness! Thanks in advance!


Good job!

About responsiveness:

  • consider a min width for your box class.
  • reduce your font size on smaller device using media queries
  • make your image responsive
  • change the width of your video iframe to 100% using media queries for smaller screen (make your calculation by considering the actual frame size, plus the various borders / padding / margin of its containers


Fucking awesome! Great work.


Thanks @ayaneshsarkar though it was good, am not satisfied


Thanks @koop4, for your suggestions about responsiveness will update and share the link soon! Would like to work with like minded peoples!