Project Cleanup


I got tired of the algorithm practice and escaped back into this old project. I cleaned it up and added a search function.

Wondering what others might think of it.


My weather app.


It’s very pretty! I like your sunshine.

Instead of San Diego I was told I am in Serra Mesa.

The first search works well, Honolulu. The second search took me to San Diego, OR?
So I entered San Diego, CA, but it took me to Windsor, CA.

I hope I helped…

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You absolutely helped. I noticed the same thing with the search results; I think openweatherapi returns them in alphabetical order by city then country.


I tried wunderground for mine. It looks good but half the time I am off either because of the weather station located in a different area or in one case her phone shows Kansas City although she is living in Honolulu (we couldn’t figure that one out).

So I tried to autocomplete searches, because there are some cities with the same name in more than one state or country, but the autocomplete isn’t secure so I can’t access with chrome.

I’ve met all of the other requirements - except accuracy - so I’ll go back and fix that once I learn how to handle the headers and requests a little better.

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