Project euler ---

hey everyone I start to solve project euler code problem. first question ask me finding
all number divide 3 or 5 within consist(sequentiol like 1,2,3…100) of given number for this I write my solution on bottom

function multiplesOf3and5(n) {
  let sum = 0;
  for(let i = 0; i <= n; i++){
    if(i%3==0 || i%5==0){
      sum += i;
  return sum;

1.first create variable to store sum for each divided number
2.I use to for loop to simulate each number come until n number to divide 3 or 5 with if condition
4. after filter numbers, sum each number dived 3 or 5
5.return result of sum

I use this approach to solve that problem and it work to, but some reason it doesn’t look return for multiplesOf3and5(1000), but it’s return I check with console . I wonder why section accept this solution some can help me understand why accept this solution.

you can check problem from here

okay I found problem.
i < n i missing ‘bellow n’ statment in question