Project Feedback for Timestamp Microservice

Hello there :wave:

Here’s my finished Timestamp Microservice:


Source Code:

I’d greatly appreciate your feedback, thank you! :partying_face:

Project instructions and user stories: Timestamp Microservice by freeCodeCamp

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Hi @sitek94 !

Looks like a cool project.
I am currently working through the pomodoro clock so I can’t really comment on the code.

Keep up the good work though. :grinning:

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Thanks! :smiley:

How is the pomodoro clock going? :tomato: I think that’s the one from front-end libraries projects that I’ve spent the most time with haha

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Hey Maciek,

great work!

Not much to add:

  • great work writing a lot of git commits
  • great work using Typescript
  • I would add a catch-all error page or redirect, currently a random string url breaks the page
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I just started yesterday, but I learned from the calculator project to just take it one user story at a time :grinning:

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Great! I haven’t thought about this - it’s now added :slight_smile: Thanks for feedback, Michael!

@jwilkins.oboe Good luck then! :smiley:

Good job with your project @sitek94 , not much to add code wise.

Since you went the extra step of using typescript, perhaps adding a couple of test will help you “round” up the project.

You don’t need something fancy in my opinion: you can simply add the same endpoint testing the FCC suite is doing.

Something like supertest should make this relatively straightforward.


I’ve just finished writing the tests, thanks for a great advice, and for the feedback, of course! :smiley:

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