Project Feedback Social Network

Hello everyone,
I have been learning Django. And, I have built a website which acts as a mini-social networking site.
Here, the logged-in users can post memories (photo + description) and share with other users of the site. Also, they can communicate with each other, view their profile, and even connect using LinkedIn link.

The website is hosted at:
Please, sign up, look around and provide me with feedback.

Thank you!

I applaud your hard work, but the design is too loud. Try to keep it simple and minimalistic. Make proper use of white space as well. You can go and see examples in Dribbble for modern practices and layouts.

On the website there is no way to contact the person who made it so that we can tell him/her what a wonderful job they have done building it.

Thank you for the feedback. I will include a feedback form in the future.

Thanks a lot. Yes, I agree with you. The colors and fonts need to be tuned down a notch.