Project for little money or with colaboration

Hi everyone!
I have some WordPress knowledge (created several websites from scratch). I need a project for a little money or for free with collaboration like open source.
I kind of stucked for a while. So, I do need practice to get a position or a business later.

Hello @wpok13 !

You may wish to check out the site Upwork, where they have listing for freelance work, if that is what you are hoping to do.

As far as practice, you can find everything right here on

Even if you just do the projects, as long as the code is your own and not copied and pasted from another source, you can get great practice, and, when posted in the Feedback subforum, great input to help improve your projects.

If you need basic learning practice, the course has everything anybody would want to start and continue learning.

The News category offers great guidance and learning, as do the freecodecamp YouTube, and Podcasts.

The forums are amazing people of all skills helping each other.

Best wishes in your coding journey.

This forum is for learning. It is not a place to look for money. If you need practice then you can look at FCC projects in our curriculum and see if you can complete those projects. However, the best projects and the best practice you are going to get is by making your own projects. What I mean by that is find something you are passionate about and build a website, or application for that interest. You could even try re-creating things that are already out there.


Keep up the great work and keep exploring diverse opportunities to grow both your skills and your financial know-how!