Project preview won't show. Iโ€™m taking the time to describe my concern. Please do not mark this as spam. ๐Ÿ™

I have finished the Survey Form project and now have started on the Tribute Page. In the last three weeks, the preview of the projects are working just fine. Upon first opening the project, the preview shows on the rightmost panel. Now when I open it in a new window, it is just white. When I return to a split panel view, it is still white. It only shows again upon refreshing, but there is no way I can view it in a window of its own. I use Chrome and have disabled all extensions that may affect it, but nothing seems to help. It also happens with the Tribute Page and using Microsoft Edge browser. I donโ€™t think the code has anything to do with it, as I already finished the project last week and I only had the problem yesterday.

opening the preview as a new window:

HI @jae_rodriguez 1!

It looks like it is related to this reported issue here

Hi @jwilkins.oboe. Thanks for the response! Indeed they are the same issue. I find making changes in the editor does refresh the viewer and it appears again. I wonder if everyone experiences this. It is inconvenient, but perhaps I should just wait for this to be resolved?

This is a newer issue so people have only been experiencing this recently.

It looks like some of the core team members and regular contributors are already discussing the issue so hopefully a fix is in the works soon.

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