Project review / Feedback

Hello Campers,

‘JT-Speedy’ is a mini project I’ve been working on ,
a simple app I coded for slide window fabrication.

Artisans and engineers in building and construction field can utilize the app to Speedily get the required list of items and sizes for each item to fabricate a window.

This reduces the Hassel of figuring out the required items , let alone repetitively calculating the size of each aluminum profile , glass and accessories, there by saving time as well.

JT-Speedy is still underdevelopment, more features will be added,
but so far Your feedback is highly needed to guide and encourage me .

Mucho Gracias

[JT-Speedy #Review]

Just a few thoughts, is there a reason you don’t clear the previous information? If someone is getting multiple measurements it could be annoying to need to scroll down. If for whatever reason you don’t want them cleared maybe separating them with a header tag?
Also in the field is mm only used or would anyone ever go bigger? Maybe to give an option between different measurement would be useful.

Otherwise looks cool and it’s handy to have something that does quick measurements for you!

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